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Banks in Boracay Island
On-line banking allows access to statements, transfer of funds and invoice payments. It is always the lapse of security in Boracay Island which gets the headlines, but there are tens of thousands of individuals and businesses in Boracay Island now using on-line banking without any problems.The service can give Boracay Island's SMEs greater control of their finances from home and office.

If you would like to open an on-line bank account in Boracay Island, you should consider opening an account with a bank that has a longterm reputation in Boracay Island or is ranked as one of the top banks such as:

  • Bank of America Boracay Island
  • Citibank Boracay Island
  • Bank of the Philippine Island
  • Commonwealth Bank Boracay Island
  • HSBC Bank Boracay Island
  • ANZ Bank Boracay Island
  • BNP Paribas Boracay Island
  • The Standard Chartered Bank Boracay Island
  • The Bank of Nova Scotia Boracay Island
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co.Bank Boracay Island
  • Barclays Bank PLC Boracay Island
  • Calyon Boracay Island
  • Capital Investment Bank Limited Boracay Island
  • Credit Suisse Boracay Island
  • Lloyds TSB Boracay Island
  • Deutsche Bank Boracay Island
  • Dresdner Bank Boracay Island
  • Prudential Financial Boracay Island
  • HBOS Bank Boracay Island
  • The HongKong Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited Boracay Island
  • ING Bank NV Boracay Island
  • Fortis Bank Boracay Island
  • Allied Bank
  • J.P. Morgan Ltd Boracay Island
  • Lloyds TSB Bank PLC Boracay Island
  • Rabobank Naderland Boracay Island
  • The Royal Bank of Scotland PLC Boracay Island
  • Schroders Boracay Island
  • Societe Generale Boracay Island
  • UBS AG Boracay Island
  • Mitsubishi UFJ Boracay Island
  • Goldman Sachs Boracay Island

Banks in Boracay- Other Services Offered
  • Airline Ticketing Assistance                                 
  • Tours & transfers                                               
  • Island Hopping


Banks in Boracay- Season Schedules
LEAN SEASON    :               JUNE 01 – OCTOBER 31
HIGH SEASON     :              APRIL 01 – MAY 31
                                              NOVEMBER 01-DECEMBER 19
                                              JANUARY 06-MARCH 31
SUPER PEAK       :               HOLY WEEK ( 2011: APR. 18-24,2011), (2012:TBA )

Banks in Boracay- Policy
Booking for Children:
Child below six (06) year old is Free-of-Charge but sharing bed with parents, without breakfast.
Children above seven (07) years and above shall be considered and charged as adult.
And should provide a copy of birth certificate or passport copy for verification purpose of the resort, failure to provide the said documents was considered adult and will be charge.

Reservation Policy:

    • The Resort is strictly imposing NO ACCOMMODATION VOUCHER, NO CHECK-IN.
    • No revisions allowed for finalized booking/s. No change or revision of guest name/s after finalization of bookings.
    • The guest is responsible for any damages or loss to the assigned room and to the resort facilities cause by guest or guest’s invitees. Guest agrees to pay for any such damage or loss, and authorizes the Hotel/Resort to charge the said loss or damage to guest’s credit card.
    • Check – In time 2:00 P.M.         / Check – Out time 12:00 P.M


    • Any cancellation received after booking has been finalized / guaranteed shall merit one (1) night cancellation charge. Cancellation received after 15 days before the arrival must charge fifty (50%) percent cancellation charge. And after ten (10) days before the arrival must charge one hundred (100%) percent cancellation charge or full charge.
    • During Super peak season, all guaranteed booking/s that will be cancelling is subject to full cancellation charge.
    •   No refunds or credits will be provided if the guest experiencing travel delays & no show. For in – house guests who decide to shorten their stay, payment for the unused nights shall be non – refundable.


A 40 minute hop to Boracay – The best way to get to Boracay from the domestic airport is to fly to Caticlan (the airport nearest Boracay.)

Flights to Manila – Many international airlines fly to Manila from an airport near you,
wherever you may be. Once you land at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila,
take a short taxi ride to the domestic airport.

Once at Caticlan, take a passenger boat across to Boracay. Get off at Boat Station One. Walk north towards Willie’s Rock.



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